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Is your property protected?

The Government of Ontario has deemed non essential businesses to remain closed for the time being to avoid any unnecessary human contact. Thus, businesses are forced to close their doors and leave their property unattended and unmonitored. Criminals know this and expect valuable goods are being left alone for extended periods of time. Police are overwhelmed being front line responders and so regular patrols and response times are more limited.

Mobile security patrols are an effective and budget friendly way to create a presence on your property for anyone that may be on-looking and snooping around. Our guards will patrol the exterior of your site periodically throughout the day/night. If requested, they can also check all access points for any signs of tampering, as well, even patrol the interior if allowed access. Patrol frequency is up to you and how often you feel your site may need monitoring.

Theft is on the rise, don't be a victim. Inquire within and let us find solutions to best suit your needs.


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