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We offer a wide range of security solutions including uniformed security and plain-clothed security. All of our security personal are licensed by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services under the Private Investigators and Security Guards Act. As well, each security guard possesses a current First Aid and CPR certificate.

In addition, they have been trained by Pinnacle Security Services' training team to ensure you will receive the best security services possible. Our security experts have a wide range of experience, training, and education. Training is what separates us from other security companies. Each of our staff members goes through our mandatory training module which specializes in the area they will be positioned. So you can be assured Pinnacle will be sending you proper guards for your needs.

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Uniformed Security

Pinnacle Security Services provides expert Uniformed Security Patrol Services, safeguarding businesses, shopping centers, and residential areas through vigilant patrols to ensure a secure environment.

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Personal Protection

Pinnacle Security Services excels in Personal Security Services, offering discreet yet effective close protection, with the flexibility of providing expert security personnel in either uniformed or plain clothes, ensuring the safety, peace of mind, and adaptability to the unique needs of our clients.

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Special Events

Pinnacle Security Services excels in providing tailored Special Event Security Services, ensuring the safety and success of diverse occasions, including outdoor festivals, conventions, and weddings, through proactive and expertly executed protection measures.


K9 Patrol

Pinnacle Security Services ensures robust security through expert handlers and trained canines in their proactive Security K9 Patrol, offering a formidable deterrent and rapid response for comprehensive client safety.

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Parking Enforcement

Pinnacle Security Services stands out as a premier provider of Parking Enforcement Security Services, utilizing expert teams and advanced technology to enforce parking regulations, promptly address unauthorized and illegal parking, and enhance the overall safety and functionality of designated parking areas across various properties and events.

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Fire Watch

Specialized in comprehensive Fire Watch Security Services, deploying expert guards to commercial or residential buildings, construction sites, health institutions, industrial and manufacturing units, as well as events or concerts, ensuring vigilant patrols and proactive measures to mitigate fire risks and enhance overall safety.

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