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We offer a wide range of security solutions including uniformed security and plain-clothed security. All of our security personal are licensed by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services under the Private Investigators and Security Guards Act. As well, each security guard possesses a current First Aid and CPR certificate.

In addition, they have been trained by Pinnacle Security Services' training team to ensure you will receive the best security services possible. Our security experts have a wide range of experience, training, and education. Training is what separates us from other security companies. Each of our staff members goes through our mandatory training module which specializes in the area they will be positioned. So you can be assured Pinnacle will be sending you proper guards for your needs.







Whether it be at a concierge desk, plaza mall or a nightclub, our staff is dressed for the occasion. We provide uniforms that stand out and make it clear that security is on site and approachable. We custom tailor to your needs, if you need a roaming patrol team or a stationed guard we can support your demand.

Is your store losing money from shoplifting? Proper crime prevention can increase your profits. Pinnacle offers specially trained security guards that act incognito within your store. Pinnacle allows you to reduce in-store or on site losses by our guaranteed methods.

Pinnacle provides services for everything from small, private events to large scale festivals. Special security accommodations can be made for any event.



Nightclub / Bar




When it comes to private property, the city has limited power to enforce the regulations of that private property. We understand such issues can become frustrating and even drive away customers from your property. Pinnacle Security Services is licensed to enforce parking regulations on private properties. Our staff will be authorized to issue parking tickets and/or tow if the vehicles parked on your properties don't comply with the regulations of your property.

Our guards will patrol your site, monitor all patrons and deal with any problems that arise during the night accordingly. They are experts in diffusing tense situations before they turn into bigger problems. Trained with tactical communications and use of force options, staff can easily remove any unwanted patrons from the venue without causing a scene.

Pinnacle has highly trained professionals to body guard or to provide high value escorts.

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